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in total will help you save time and more importantly, save you some money.

2. Which style of door will suit my current decor?

Take time to think about which style of door you want. Oakwood Doors have a fantastic range of internal doors that can be provided in a number of different formats, to suit any style or taste.

Buying new doors can sometimes be an expensive project, depending on how many doors you require, so make sure you get the style right. Think about whether you want something modern, or something traditional with lots of panelling, or flush, white or wood stain.

3. Do I need external and/or internal door?

You can only use certain doors for the intended purpose, therefore, knowing what you’re looking for will save you time and money.

Think about whether you want there to be a cohesion between your internal and external doors or whether you want to open up and brighten your space with a brand new, glass sliding external door.

4. Do I need fire doors?

This is an important consideration when choosing what type of doors to have in your home.

Fire doors prevent the fire or smoke from spreading across your home and help to keep the fire contained in a particular room, giving your family longer to escape and the fire service more time to put out the fire.

Think about whether these are necessary in all rooms of your house or, for example, just the kitchen.

Although fire doors should always be closed, it can often be inconvenient to keep all doors closed at all times.

Wedging open a fire door defeats the whole object of the installation.

Therefore, carefully consider where a fire door may be needed most, before making any final decisions.

5. Do I want glazed doors?

When positioned correctly, glazed doors can draw light into our rooms and increase a sense of flow and connectivity.

Not quite the same as a window, but serving the same function, a glazed door helps preserve a sense of cohesion between two distinct spaces.

Your rooms will benefit from the additional light, but can also be shut off for better sound and heat insulation.

6. Do I need any sliding or folding doors?

Both internal and external sliding doors are a great way to save space and add a new dynamic to your home.

They can be opened up to create wide open spaces inside or closed off to create a cosier, individual space.

They can also be used externally to bring the outside in and provide a seamless transition to your garden.

Sliding doors are great in family homes, equipping you with a variety of options suitable for every occasion.

7. Do I need any double doors?

You can create a grand entrance with the installation of a double door.

Make sure you look for door sets that work well positioned next to each other and consider where you would install these in your home.

Double doors work well as a transition from your dining room into another space, giving you that necessary closure when entertaining guests.

8. What colour/style of frame should the door have?

Think about whether you want your new doors to blend together, or if you want individual doors to stand out with a contrasting frame.

Painted door frames can really brighten up a space whereas neutral matching door frames offer a seamless and elegant look.

9. What type of handles do I need?

Do you want your handles to be purely functional or do you want them to make a bold statement?

If you’re buying new doors on a budget, handles really can enhance your new look.

Alternatively, simple handles on ornate doors can look just as stylish.

Remember to include the purchase of new handles in your original budget though, and consider both internal and external doors.